Laguna Opens It’s 4th Batch for PDP!

Purpose Driven Photographer Workshop – LAGUNA 4

The wait is over! Imagine Nation South opens it’s schedules for it’s 4th batch of Purpose Driven Photographer Workshop! Enjoy 7 weeks with your batchmates in your journey in discovering Purpose and Photographer, all in the relaxing atmosphere of Laguna! For more information you can email: Or text She at 09173042384 with your inquiries […]

Batch 19 opens! :D

PDP Batch 19

The last quarter is just around the corner, and before we get too busy with our wedding shoots, we’d like to take one more chance to share our knowledge through the PDP workshop, if you find your schedule to be free these coming weeks, do drop us a note and join this one of kind […]

Aaaaand Were At It Again!

PDP Batch 18

After a fun filled 7 weeks, we decided we would like to have another batch again, but not without a little rest, so the next batch will start in May 11. So check your schedules and sign up, this will be something to beat the heat!  

Starting off 2013 with a Purpose

PDP Batch 17 Poster

Time flies so fast, just a few weeks ago was the new year and now the month of January is almost over, and you know what makes time fly so much faster? It’s when you’re having fun, just like what our previous students of PDP always say! Right now as the wedding season cools down […]